Taste of Sonoma & Sonoma County Wine Auction

Pre-Auction "Best. Party. Ever"

September 19th, 2019
Jacuzzi Family Vineyards - 24724 Arnold Dr

This page is for signing up to volunteer at the pre-Auction 'Best. Party. Ever' on Thursday, Sep. 19th at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma.

Please peruse the available shifts below by clicking on them, and sign up by then scrolling to the bottom and filling out the pertinent information.

Benefits: All volunteers will receive a catered meal, beverages, and free parking. Volunteers are invited to attend the Party after their shifts.

Thank you for helping our wonderful cause!
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If you wish to cancel your Volunteer shift you must do so on the Volunteer Local website. All Volunteers must be professional in appearance and have appropriate conduct. Taste of Sonoma and Sonoma County Wine Auction reserve the right to refuse the participation of any Volunteer it deems offensive, inappropriate, or contrary to the spirit of the event or the County of Sonoma. Any person who creates a disturbance or endangers others shall be subject to ejection from the event. All money and personal belongings are the responsibility of the Volunteer and the Volunteer shall be held responsible for these things at all times. Firearms and weapons are not permitted with the exception of local, state and federal enforcement officials. Concealed weapon permits are not valid in public assembly areas.